WE DID IT! The TRUST Act was signed in October 2013 and there are now new guidelines for local police departments to limit cooperation with ICE when you are arrested/held/taken into custody by local police. Please find the website below that describes more about the law and its impact on how/when people can be detained for ICE holds. Click for the website here! Information courtesy of our friends over the CIPC, AAAJ-LA, and NDLON.


What is the TRUST Act?

  • The NEW TRUST Act is California Assembly Bill 4 that ends unjust deportations of undocumented immigrants by restoring their Constitutional Rights to Due Process.

  • The NEW  TRUST Act stands for Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools” Act, and it is Assembly Bill 4. You can find more information on the TRUST Act here.

Is the TRUST Act legal?

Police chiefs, politicians, and law school professors in particular have proclaimed that the TRUST Act is not only constitutional and perfectly okay under the law – it is also good policy! You can read more about it here.

What does the TRUST Act Do?

  • The TRUST Act sets uniform guidelines across California that dictate when and how ICE restrictions can be honored.

What is California Governor Jerry Brown’s stance on the TRUST Act?

We’re not sure. He claims to be progressive and to care about immigrant issues. But his actions speak otherwise. This year he didn’t even mention immigration in his state of the state speech and has been slow to engage the TRUST Act authors.

What Can I do to support the TRUST Act?

  • You and all your friends can sign the petition in support of the TRUST Act here:

  • You can join the TRUST Act team in your neighborhood by emailing

  • If you represent an organization, you can have your organization publicly endorse the TRUST Act by clicking here (link to info packet and letter of support)

Do Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police support the TRUST Act?

Yes. There are Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police who are supportive of the TRUST Act. See the list of TRUST Act supporters for names.

How can I find more about the TRUST Act?

What does the TRUST Act acronym stand for and what is the Assembly Bill number attached to it?

  • The NEW TRUST Act stands for Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools” Act, and it is Assembly Bill 4. You can find more information on the TRUST Act here topic by clicking here.

Would cops and sheriffs still be able to detain individuals who clearly are threats to public safety?

  • Local and state officers in California would still have the decision making power and discretion to hold immigrants with previous convictions or current charges relating to violent and serious, non-violent crimes. For a list of all crimes that would trigger a detainer click here.

Scrutinizing ICE Deportation Guidelines

ICE has strict guideline in place that dictate who qualifies for deportation proceedings. In theory these guidelines are meant to prioritize individuals who pose a threat to national security and public safety. But these guidelines are too broad, and more often than not they lead to the deportations of law abiding residents who are suspected or convicted of low-level offenses.
Here is a great piece from UC Davis Immigration Attorney Haja Jorjani. In it, Mrs Jorjani highlights flaws in current ICE guidelines and make a great case for reforming them.