Recomendaciones en caso de detención migratoria

Recomendaciones en caso de detención migratoria

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How to Prepare for Migration Detention

Make an Emergency Plan:

Take care of your family, especially minors. If they were born in the USA, go to the nearest school to register them as Mexicans.

Know which documents you should always carry at hand.
And keep a copy of all your documentation in a safe place.

If you require migratory guidance,
Come to your consulate, they will give you information about reliable lawyers

Know Your Rights

In case you are stopped at your home, place of work or on the street.

How to act in case of immigration detention

If The Authorities Arrive At Your Home:

– Do not run away
– Do not open the door and stay calm
– Do not reveal your migratory situation
– Ask for what they are there
– Request an interpreter if you need it
– Ask for the window showing the arrest warrant and/or registration, check that you have your name, address and the signature of the judge
– If they do not have a court order you can refuse to let them enter

If the Authorities enter your house without an arrest warrant and/or registration: Ask for names and plaque numbers, tell them that you do not consent to registration.

If the authorities arrest you:
– Be quiet
– do not reveal your migratory situation
– Ask to speak with your nearest consulate of Mexico
– Communicate with your lawyer
– Do not sign anything
– Find out who arrested you.
– Request an interpreter and right to bail
– Do not lie
– Don’t deliver fake documents

For more information, contact your nearest Mexico Consulate or call the Center of Information and Assistance to Mexicans (CAIM).

Remember that an ICE administrative order (Form I-200, I-205) does not give them permission to enter your home.