DREAM Team LA is an all volunteer organization and we welcome donations to offset our expenses while we advocate for immigrant and undocumented communities. Your contributions are fully tax deductible via our fiscal sponsor, Food Chain Workers Alliance.

With either method of donation contact our treasurer if you need a letter from our fiscal sponsor for tax purposes.

Lastly, if you are an organization or person with experience in grant writing, please contact us as we are interested in how to apply for grants.

Here is an overview of what your donation is helping to support this year:

Our Community Education program How People Show Political Power is used in conjunction with middle and high school’s lessons of the American Revolution. How People Show Political Power shows the “in the streets” struggle of how undocumented youth became unafraid and are still leading the immigrant rights movement. Teaching the fight for the DREAM Act, then the victory of both DACA and DAPA, How People Show Political Power is a lesson in human rights achievement that is rooted in the American tradition that all people are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights. And a future vision of how people can unite to challenge powerful governments.

  • Story of Self – Personal narrative storytelling is so important to the work of DTLA that it is enshrined in our mission statement. Our personal narratives, connecting to people’s values and emotions, are the most powerful way to affect change for our causes. Utilizing techniques developed from progressive movements participants learn how to share stories to become effective advocates for their own rights and those of their communities. These personal narratives are effective when meeting people unfamiliar with immigration issues, when speaking to the media, and when lobbying legislators.
  • Know Your Rights – At some point people will be challenged by police or ICE who will question their immigration status. This workshop gives practical training on how to handle these stressful situation. The most important lesson we have learned as a movement is that we can prevent each other’s deportations, and to be part of an advocacy organization who will fight for you. The only safe community is an organized one. This workshop is often used for people who are unfamiliar with undocumented activism, to give them confidence in the face of authority, and educate them on how to participate in DTLA’s advocacy.
  • Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Workshop“A Civil Disobedience action is orchestrated plans to affect some particular change. This is one of the ways you change the world is by putting your body on the gears of history and make them stop at a particular place, at a particular time, to make a particular point.” This workshop teaches how to conduct a safe and effective civil disobedience action when used as part of an overall campaign; how to coordinate with other groups including the media and law enforcement.

Policy and Advocacy We frequently travel to Sacramento, CA and Washington D.C. to lobby for immigrant friendly legislation. Unlike other organizations who are funded, DTLA members cover their own travel and lodging expenses. Your contribution helps offset these costs.

We will host our 2nd Annual Summit From Undocumented and Unafraid to Dacamented and Afraid; Getting a Resistance Movement Going Again in Los Angeles. We cover all meals and expenses so participants can attend for free.

We will continue to be flexible in response to defending our community, please check our website for our most recent activism.