PRESS STATEMENT: Reaction to Supreme Court DACA Ruling

June 18, 2020

DACA Ruling is No News for the Immigrant Community

As one of the leading undocumented youth activist organizations, Dream Team Los Angeles, who authored the DACA policy and fought for all 11 million undocumented we view today’s Supreme Court ruling to continue the DACA program as no news. A protected subset of undocumented immigrants, us, still have no secure protection against deportation, have no pathway to adjust our status permanently, and have only a ticket to work which benefits a capitalist society in which we cannot fully partake in.

We are going on eight years on what should have been a temporary program and in eight years both political parties have found ways to weaponize the status of undocumented youth against our parents; Republicans use this program to scare undocumented families with deportation and job loss to accept the little they have and not ask for more. Democrats use DACA to come to the immigrant community with empty promises of more reform in exchange for votes.

We remind both parties that Executive Level programs are only in place due to the years of activism by undocumented youth who risked our own deportations in civil disobedience actions to directly challenge the institutions that keep immigrants marginalized members of our society.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling perpetuates this marginalization of our community and continues decades of congressional inaction on immigration reform.

The immigrant community will no longer be silent on policies that affect our lives. We, undocumented youth, will NEVER sell out our parents and trade citizenship for some and deportation for the rest.

The decision today is a result of activism and the lesson is the immigrant community will continue to protect the immigrant community.

To our parents, to children in cages, to undocumented day laborers in prison for the “crime” of working, we say we hear you! We love you! We will never stop fighting for you!

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