PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT: President Trump, Your SOTU Immigration Proposal is Unacceptable

January 31, 2018

President Trump, Your SOTU Immigration Proposal is Unacceptable

When Democrats caved by reopening the government without securing a permanent DACA fix we knew proposals that followed would be worse. The SOTU speech by President Trump showed us worse. Beyond the items proposed (the wall, ending family based migration, ending the visa lottery) it’s the complete falsehoods Trump uses when talking about immigration issues, willfully misrepresenting current immigration laws to enact stricter, unnecessary enforcement. Conflating it with crime, drugs, and terrorism. DREAM Team LA strongly opposes these measures and are calling on Congress for an immediate halt to these negotiations.

As summed up by DREAM Team LA Jose Lopez;

“If this Trump plan passes it could be 20-30 years to get another vote on immigration. By not voting now we can still come back to the issue in November. There is so much momentum now, the DREAM Act is going to happen. But we can’t put a band-aid on comprehensive immigration reform by addressing only the 1.8 million AND ending legal immigration. We won’t see anything else for years.”

Event Dinners for DACA. Wednesday evening, 1/31/18 – 7:30pm.
DREAM Team LA and host SameSide will call and write congresspeople for a “clean” DREAM Act bill and fight to preserve family unity in our nation’s immigration policies. DTLA spokesperson Karen Zapien will recap her recent lobbying in Washington for a clean Dream Act bill, and SameSide co-founder Nicole àBeckett will lead community impactors in direct action to influence public opinion and policy to ensure families stay together.

Location / Visuals The Standard 24/7 Restaurant
In excess of 40 people dining over a three-course meal while phone calling and writing letters to congresspeople for a permanent DACA. Dialog over immigration issues between citizens and DACA beneficiaries. Presentations by DREAM Team LA and SameSide.

About SameSide
SameSide was founded by brother and sister duo, David Legacki and Nicole àBeckett in Spring 2017 to empower people to participate in fun experiences alongside like-minded, new friends while taking political and social action on the issues that matter to you. Having heard countless friends say, “I want to do more but I don’t know how,” David and Nicole knew there had be a more accessible and exciting way to get others involved in and passionate about issues affecting them and their communities. By combining fun, social good experiences with education, impact and financial gain, SameSides cultivates community around worthy causes and moves the needle in sustained engagement and influencer exposure.

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