PRESS ADVISORY: DREAM Team Los Angeles Reacts to $25M Scholarship Fund

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Media inquiries:

DREAM Team Los Angeles Reacts to $25M Scholarship Fund

DREAM Team Los Angeles responds to the announcement of $25 million dollars in scholarships to undocumented students and welcomes any financial support to those who have managed to overcome the many challenges and difficulties these students face in their education.

The scholarship fund is set up for DACA recipients (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) who pursue career ready degrees. The reality is that only five to ten percent of undocumented students go on to college. While these scholarships help students we would like to see a focus on fixing the structural problems that create burdening circumstances for undocumented students. These scholarships are not a substitute for justice in the educational system.

By focusing on high GPA’s and “career-ready” degrees this fund continues to support the notion of the “exceptional” immigrant, something that does not reflect the overwhelming majority of undocumented immigrants who work every day to make a better life for their families and are in dire need of administrative relief since they face the ongoing fear of deportation.

“We just don’t need money for college, we need our families too. Every student needs a support system to succeed. We shouldn’t be going to college while we are worried that our parents may not be home when we come back.” – Antonio Elizando

It’s ironic that many of those endorsing this DACA related college scholarship program represent the political party that was the most virulent in their opposition to the President’s authority to grant such relief, and who are now opposing broader relief. The authority of the President to grant administrative relief for childhood arrivals can also be extended to their parents.

This scholarship fund is welcomed and will assist a great number of undocumented students, but we also hope that some of the money can be directed at increasing the percentage of undocumented students going to college. We will work with TheDream.US scholarship fund and our community partners to ensure that as many eligible students as possible apply for this award prior to the March 31, 2014 deadline.

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