DREAM Team Los Angeles Response to SOTU Address & Republican Response



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Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Media inquiries: media@dreamteamla.org
DREAM Team Los Angeles Response to SOTU Address & Republican Response
DREAM Team Los Angeles, undocumented activist youth advocating for the rights of all 11 million undocumented persons were surprised that despite both parties stated desires to address immigration reform it occupied only two sentences in almost 90 minutes of speech.

The president spoke of bipartisan need to pass immigration reform, reverting back to talking points from before 2012. Republicans spoke of a need to take a step by step approach, having not taken a single step in the past two years since they first spoke of the need to rebrand their party and outreach to the immigrant community.

DREAM Team Los Angeles has taken the unprecedented step to issue our own video response address to call attention to what was not brought by either party; that in the past six years over 2 million people have been deported due to the president’s policies and congressional inaction.

Our community cannot wait one day more while both parties pander to their base and fail to address the human rights issue of more than 1,000 families being separated each day. Families that by either party’s criteria would qualify to adjust their status. Any piecemeal, or comprehensive reform efforts begin with immediate relief from deportations. There are steps both the President can take as well as congress.

While both parties talk about jobs, issuing work permits to the 11 million strong workforce is an effective way of boosting the economy, increasing the tax base, and reducing the federal deficit, something economists say is critical for job growth.

Link to the video response: http://bit.ly/dtlasotu    Media Kit: http://bit.ly/dtla0129

 DREAM Team Los Angeles activists will be available for interview Wednesday morning, January 29, 2014 to give their reaction, many of whom have participated in civil disobedience action and risked their own deportations to bring attention to record deportations and affect policy change.

Contact Kevin at 562-522-4712 or Edber at 323-681-2429 to arrange for interview.