Social Media Tools for TRUST Act Campaign (Graphic and Hashtags)

Please see below the the info and tools to do the emails, phone calls, social media work and banner holding for this week for the TRUST Act!

Social Media:

1. Change profile pic to this graphic attached

2. Please urge your friends and followers to make the call 😉

3. Tweet @jerrybrowngov; below is a list of suggested tweets you all can use.

Phone Banking and Phone Calls:

1. Use attached graphic and we encourage for all us to change our profile pic to this graphic for now.

2.Also attached is a guide on “how to” host your on phone bank. If any org needs more support on this please let us know.

3. Here is the suggested script
” Hi, I am calling from (city)_______ and I want to urge Governor Brown to sign the TRUST Act Now”

Email June Clark (lead staff from Gov’s office on TRUST Act)

Subject Line: I Urge Gov. Brown to Sign the TRUST Act Now
Suggested Body of Email:

Hello Ms. Clark,

My name is _______________, I currently reside in _______________.
I want to urge Governor Brown to sign the TRUST Act Now. Our families and
communities need to feel safe in our state and this will help us make the right first step
towards that.

(personal story or testimony of why YOU support the TRUST Act)

Gov. Brown can help stop the ICE Monster today by signing the TRUST Act:

Thank you,


“Tweet and post the video link on your Twitter and Facebook!

Sample Tweets/Posts: Call @jerrybrowngov to STOP the ICE Monster and SIGN #TRUSTAct NOW!

The ICE Monster freezes ppl’s homes. Ask @jerrybrowngov to thaw CA and sign #TRUSTAct now Keep the ICE Monster away. Tell @jerrybrowngov to sign #TRUSTAct today.

New @mycuentame video on the ICE Monster Call @jerrybrowngov to sign #TRUSTAct today.

@jerrybrowngov – 100,000 #scomm deportations in CA bc of ICE Sign #TRUSTAct today to help families!”