TRUST Act moves forward in California, Activists Push for Action!

In California, the TRUST Act, a bill that would give police departments the flexibility to release undocumented residents while detained or on an ICE hold, is currently going through the California legislature right now. With immigration reform stalling in Congress, its important to realize the potential for immigrant just on a state level. Please read this article on how the history of the TRUST Act and how Governor Jerry Brown has been providing input on this new version of the TRUST Act.

TRUST Act moves forward in Sacramento – KPCC

Activists, many from member organizations like DTLA that are part of the California Immigrant Justice Youth Alliance (CIYJA) participated in a sit-in in the state capital, pushing for the TRUST Act. “The very people most affected by the unjust status quo and ignored by Brown, undocumented Californians and people in deportation proceedings, set out to let the governor know that we can no longer wait. We need the TRUST ACT signed into law now.Read more here at this article: Why Undocumented Californians Sat-in Governor Brown’s Office