Financial Barriers for Undocumented Immigrants in the Senate immigration bill

The National Immigration Law Center release a story on how much it would cost undocumented immigrants to become legalized through the Senate bill, or S. 744. Immigrants would need to pay penalties, back taxes, and other fees, the report says, “most unauthorized immigrants will face a waiting period of (AT LEAST) 13 years or more before they become citizens; a criminal background check; work requirements; documentation demands; English-language” and also immigrants would NOT be able to receive any medical or public benefits during their 10 years of provisional status and permanent resident status. Seeing as that many of our immigrant community members work in the informal economy or “under the table” like domestic workers, day laborers, or street vendors – it would be devastating that some of them would not be able to prove their employment requirements after living in the shadows for so long.

Read the story here: The Financial Barrier to Citizenship