Press Release on the Obama 2012 Deportation Records

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Mercedes Montano 323 385 2959
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ICE Continues to separate families with unjust deportations; California must pass TRUST Act

Los Angeles – DREAM Team Los Angeles welcomes ICE’s new guidelines on immigration detainers relating to “Secure” Communities as a step in the right direction. By ICE’s own data, however, it is painfully clear that many more steps need to be taken to ensure the safety and well being of law abiding and responsible immigrants residing throughout the United States.

Here in California, DREAM Team Los Angeles calls on Governor Jerry Brown and all other California legislators to take leadership for their constituency and ensure the passage of the TRUST Act (AB 4 – Ammiano).

Two DREAM Team Los Angeles members add the following:

“My community members live in fear of the police constantly. They are afraid to ask for help from law enforcement because they fear they might end up in a detention center indefinitely, with no right to counsel and no right to a bail hearing, simply for reporting a crime in their neighborhood” — Michelle Saucedo

“It is holiday season and while most Americans are celebrating with their dear and beloved members of their family, we sit amidst misery and sadness. Too many of our family members sit thousands of miles away, deported unjustly, under the failed program, ‘Secure’ Communities.” — Marisol Granillo

Furthermore, DREAM Team Los Angeles reaffirms its position as a partner to the solution in winning due process and other rights to our immigrant communities. We look forward to continue to work together with our community, our ally organizations, and government agencies at the local, state and federal level to end the unjust separation of families and to ensure that we live by our cherished principle of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” for all.