Press Release: Immigrant Activist Respond To Barack Obama’s Reelection

November 7, 2012

For Immediate Release:

Edber Macedo

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Jorge Cabrera


Immigrant Youth Will Hold President Barack Obama Accountable For His Second Term Promises on Immigration, Push for Equality in the Immigrant Community

Undocumented immigrant youth closely observed the election and recognize Barack Obama’s reelection to the United States presidency. In his first term, President Obama failed to make on his promise about passing immigration reform and did not lobby significantly when the DREAM Act was up for a vote in December 2010. Instead, the President decided to accelerate the number of deportations and separated countless families. He has criminalized our communities and has even deported DREAMers. We will closely monitor his campaign promise on passing immigration reform in his second term and look towards the continuation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a policy discretion that immigrant youth fought for. We will continue to push for the DREAM Act and a legitimate pathway to citizenship for all immigrants.

DREAM Team L.A. and immigrant leaders across the nation will work together to put pressure on the President and Congress to solve our broken immigration system and provide legalization to undocumented Americans. Immigrant youth are more than willing to work with the Obama administration in creating real change for our community.

Immigrant youth leaders across California are available for interviews and reactions.


Dream Team Los Angeles (DTLA) is an autonomous group in Los Angeles made up of students and community members and led by undocumented students who are undocumented and unafraid. DTLA has been organizing locally and nationally for the empowerment and right to legalization of undocumented youth.