I Support AB 131 – Sergio’s Story

My name is Sergio I’m 16 years old; I go to Roosevelt High School and I support AB 131. To me AB 131 is an opportunity that will help out many undocumented students, including me, trying to get a higher education. My parents always told me that in order for me and my sisters to be successful, we have to be educated and well, to me being undocumented never really mattered before.

I mean it never separated me from my peers in any way until I entered high school. Entering high school I found out that I wasn’t eligible to do certain things that my friends were planning on doing, like applying for scholarships or even going to the senior trip to a foreign country.

Finding these things made me realize that my goal for a higher education is going to be tougher for me than for my peers. So when I heard that AB131 passed it made me really happy to see that there is support out there and that I’m not alone. I also started reaching out to teachers and found out that they too support AB131 and it makes me feel like I do have people to support me. I know that having this bill passed is a great help for me to continue my education when I go to college. I’m really glad that this bill passed and really grateful to all the persons who made it possible , thank you.