Call out for 131 stories in support of AB131


Dream Team Los Angeles is currently working on collecting 131 stories in support of AB 131, the more substantial portion of the CA Dream Act. AB 131 will allow undocumented students to qualify and compete for Institutional and State financial aid. As many of you already know, both dreamers and allies have been working for the passage of this bill for 10 years now, and know the positive impact it’ll have on CA.

That’s why DTLA wants to know, how will AB 131 help you in achieving your educational goals?
Tell us, in your own words how the passage of this historic bill will have an affect on your life and community. There is no right or wrong answer, just share your everyday struggles paying for tuition, books, rent, food and transportation as an undocumented student in college and how AB 131 will help you.

If you are interested in submitting your story / blog post/ poetry please send them to before December 29th 2011 . We will be sharing your stories on our website, as well through our facebook and twitter pages. You can also send a picture of yourself, if you feel comfortable enough to do so, a short bio of yourself, school you’re attending and your major to be included with your story.

We have a Facebook event page set up, so folks can join and spread the word about the call out for stories.

Bellow is a brief description of what AB131 will do just in case some of you need a little refresher.

What does AB 131 do?

AB 131 builds on previous legislative victories for undocumented students in California.
AB 540 was passed in 2001 and allows qualifying students to pay in-state tuition instead of higher out-of-state fees. More information on AB 540:
AB 130 was passed on July 25, 2011 and goes into effect on January 1, 2012. It gives California public colleges and universities the opportunity to allow undocumented students, who are AB 540-eligible students at their respective school, apply and compete for scholarship awards. This includes scholarships funded through private donors, alumni contributions or individual departmental efforts.

AB 131 specifically allows AB 540-eligible students to participate in state-funded financial aid programs, which include Cal Grants, institutional aid such as that funded by tuition revenue, and the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver at the community college level. AB 131 is slated to take effect on January 1, 2013.