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We Did it! Gov. Brown Signs the TRUST Act. DREAM Team Los Angeles Celebrates!

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For immediate release:                                                                 Saturday, October 5, 2013

We Did it! Gov. Brown Signs the TRUST Act. DREAM Team Los Angeles Celebrates!

DREAM Team Los Angeles celebrates on Sunday, October 6, 2013, for Gov. Jerry Brown signed the TRUST Act, the first step to ending police and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) collaborations in California. Becoming a victim of, or reporting a crime will no longer be a pathway to deportation for our state’s residents. The law will severely restrict law enforcement’s ability to hand over nonviolent inmates to immigration authorities including those who have been arrested and have their charges later dropped.

“It is our position that no state, county, city, or local agency should ever be a part of a federal deportation process. We know the case of a young woman who applied for a marriage license at the county courthouse and her boyfriend ended up on an ICE hold, a hold that wouldn’t exist if we had the TRUST Act.”   – Kevin Solis, Organizer with DREAM Team Los Angeles

Law enforcement agencies across the nation have decried policies and laws that turn them into de facto immigration agents. They know communities are safer when people trust their local police.

The TRUST Act was also supported by former Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano who urged Gov. Brown to sign it, in effect repudiating her agency’s own Secure Communities Program which mandated that police forward to ICE the fingerprints of all people arrested. The agency’s own statistics show that the majority of people deported have committed no crime and many others fall short of their own criteria for who is a deportable priority.

The TRUST Act was part of a series of bills the governor signed to provide relief for California’s immigrant residents. “While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s forging ahead. I’m not waiting.” Brown said in a statement.

DREAM Team Los Angeles will now take their successful Stop the ICE Monster ( campaign to a national level and end family separations. President Obama will soon deport the 2 millionth person since he took office. No amount of immigration reform legislation will stop ICE from arresting people and taking parents from their children. ICE must be confronted directly. It will become a state-by-state fight.

Celebrate with DREAM Team Los Angeles

Sunday, October 6, 2013 at 10:00am

Clean Car Wash Campaign Headquarters, 516 W. Vernon Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90037

People directly affected by this legislation will be available for media interview.



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VIDEO: ICE Monster Needs To Go; TRUST Act is the right choice for California!

In California, the State Legislature, and more importantly, the people, have spoken: we need to stop ICE from separating our families in California. The answer is simple: AB 04, the TRUST Act, must be signed by Governor Jerry Brown. The “ICE Monster” has deported hundreds of thousands in California since President Obama took office and over 1.5 million (and counting) immigrants have been deported. Some of them were deported for simply selling fruit on the street – we are better than that as a society!

Watch the video to see what exactly is happening in California and what the TRUST Act can help prevent if signed!



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TRUST Act passes CA state legislature, Gov. Brown has until mid-October to sign!


The California state Senate passed the Trust Act by a vote of 24 to 10 on Monday, California daily La Opinión reports. AB 04 will restrict local police departments’ authority to detain immigrants with nonviolent or misdemeanor charges for immigration authorities. Read more of the article at the link above.

The bill has been endorsed by several notable newspapers, California congressional representatives, the CA state attorney, and a unanimous approval from immigrant rights groups. Undocumented immigrants should not be deported and separated from their lives here in California
With immigration reform stalled at the federal level, this is the next best step in California to set a good standard of policy that helps protect immigrants instead of deporting them. We hope this policy is signed by Governor Jerry Brown and more states across the union carry on the march towards immigrant rights.
Sign the TRUST Act now!