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RIght to Dream Campaign Press Conference

Join Dream Team LA and other community members to kick off the Right to Dream campaign. Undocumented students, allies and supporters as they declare their right to dream and live without fear of deportations. Join us on May 17th at Pershing Square at 10 am for a press conference on606 S. Olive street. Don’t forget to sign the petition and spread the word.

The Right to live our lives without fear
The Right to live with our families
The Right to live with our loved ones.
The Right to move freely
The Right to education
The Right to give back to our communities
The Right to build a strong sustainable economy
The Right to fulfill our Dreams


Right to Dream: Michelle

Record high deportations and anti-immigrant laws are all over the US are tearing families apart everyday. At the fore-front of all this is the Obama administration. Enough is enough. Through the Right to Dream Campaign, we seek to gain relief for ourselves and our communities. Sign the petition and share it with others as we demand that all deportations stop immediately and join us on May 17th for a kick off press conference here in Los Angeles.