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PRESS ADVISORY: Obama Secures Legacy as Deporter-in-Chief

November 20, 2014
Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Secures His Legacy as the Deporter-in-Chief
Dream Team Los Angeles announces a call to action after confirming that the actions we participated as part of the national Not1More Campaign have resulted in executive action that will only benefit a limited number and will harm those who do not qualify. We know that even those who will benefit, will only receive minimal protection.
The president has called for more money for enforcement; more money to detain, deport, and to continue terrorizing families. Obama’s “executive action” on immigration is reflective of an administration that has already secured the resources and power to deport two million people.
We must highlight that this new policy does not:

  1. Stop the 400,000 a year deportation quota
  2. Cancel the 34,000 a day immigration detention bed mandate
  3. Stop the enforcement spending on an already militarized ICE and CBP

We invite all those ready to organize with those who are not only left out, but who are also prime targets of the administration. Obama’s says, “deporting felons, not families.” We say felons are family too. Those left out of relief are family too. Join our collective of migrants ready to organize with you.
Contact Kevin at 562-522-4712 or Edber at 323-681-2429 to arrange for interviews.

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#MigrantLivesMatter: Justice Now!


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“The launch of our #MigrantLivesMatter campaign pushes the Democratic Party to passionately and genuinely fight for all of the undocumented community. Democrats need to:

1) advocate for administrative relief for all undocumented immigrants that include a release of detained immigrants and an end to deportations

2) defeat the “H.U.M.A.N.E. Act” (sponsored by Senator Cornyn & Rep. Cuellar) that sends more taxpayer money towards border militarization and enforcement.

3) grant refugees status to all those who are seeking asylum, including the recent wave of refugees at the U.S.-Mexico border.

4) extend existing protections to all children and family efugees that are currently excluded, such as Canadian and Mexican citizens.

We urge them to advocate for these demands without delay!”