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TRUST Act passes CA state legislature, Gov. Brown has until mid-October to sign!


The California state Senate passed the Trust Act by a vote of 24 to 10 on Monday, California daily La Opinión reports. AB 04 will restrict local police departments’ authority to detain immigrants with nonviolent or misdemeanor charges for immigration authorities. Read more of the article at the link above.

The bill has been endorsed by several notable newspapers, California congressional representatives, the CA state attorney, and a unanimous approval from immigrant rights groups. Undocumented immigrants should not be deported and separated from their lives here in California
With immigration reform stalled at the federal level, this is the next best step in California to set a good standard of policy that helps protect immigrants instead of deporting them. We hope this policy is signed by Governor Jerry Brown and more states across the union carry on the march towards immigrant rights.
Sign the TRUST Act now!

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L.A. Times endorses the TRUST Act!

The Los Angeles Times released an editorial today endorsing state legislation, AB4, the TRUST Act that will help keep families together. This endorsement from a right-center newspaper like the L.A. Times is telling of how there is a growing consensus that undocumented residents who commit nonviolent crimes DO NOT deserve to be put into ICE holdings. While the fight for humane immigration reform continues, activists have turned to the state level for immigrant friendly policies.

Please do your best to support this legislation either by joining a local action, writing a letter to your state representative, or best of all…calling California Governor Jerry Brown and telling him that he needs to sign the TRUST Act NOW!