Statewide Campaigns and Actions

Dream Team Los Angeles is an affiliate of a statewide coalition known as the California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance (CIYJA).  


This organization supports statewide campaigns such as state legislative bills and also helps collaborations between other immigrant youth groups across the state. A huge reason why state alliance came into full activity is because of California’s immigrant community demanding more humane immigration policies at the state level while federal immigration reform continues to stall.The Alliance organizers facilitate the cooperation and joint campaigns all across the state. All state affiliates, like Dream Team L.A., have an affiliate coordinator that is a vital line of communication to the statewide steering committee.

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Official CIYJA Facebook page

Official CIYJA Twitter page

*** CIYJA is a Statewide Alliance of 12 grassroots immigrant youth led organizations: San Diego Dream Team (SDDT), Dream Team Los Angeles (DTLA), San Gabriel Valley Immigrant Youth Coalition (SGV IYC), San Fernando Valley Dream Team (SFVDT), Orange County Dream Team (OCDT), Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition (I.E IYC),  Fresno Immigrant Youth in Action (FIYA),  Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights through Education (ASPIRE), East Bay Immigrant Youth Coalition (EB IYC), Dream Alliance Sonoma County (DASC), Napa Valley Dream Team (NVDT) ***