Deferred Action (DACA) Resources

With the Deferred Action (DACA) announcement made this past June 2012, there are hundreds of questions regarding the qualifications and implementation of this policy change. Below you will find the lastest up to date information needed to know you or any other dreamer qualifies for Deferred Action and work permits. If you have specific questions, please email us at or call 323-380-8616 with a detailed message and we will help you out the best we can. You can also check out the Educators for Fair Consideration website for additional information on Deferred Action and in finding trusted legal support, as well as United We Dream. 

What are the qualifications for Deferred Action and work permits?


What are some of the documents you’ll need for Deferred Action?

Affidavit Template

DACA Document Checklist

DACA Cover Letter Template (not on letterhead)

Guide to Affidavit PreparationFINAL 8-23-2012

Final Application Review

DACA Application Mailing Instructions

Requesting your high school transcripts if you’re an LAUSD student