Arrival Stories: Uriel Rivera

Uriel in Mexico

Uriel Rivera is a student at UC Berkley, originally from Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico. He’s a student activist with Dream Team LA, The CA Dream Network and Dream Summer intern at the National Day Labor Organization Network. This is his arrival story.  

My arrival story is a little different from many of the immigrant youth involved in the Dream Act movement. I arrived in this country in the summer of 2006, from Acapulco, Guerrero in Mexico. I left Mexico to reunite with my family here in the US due to the increased amount of violence that was taking place in Acapulco, which has now become one of the most violent places in the western hemisphere.

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Everyday on her way to work, Dream Team LA member Nancy Meza is reminded of what she fights for. Her commute on the Metro Gold Line from East LA to Downtown, one that is historically connected by the LA River, takes her pass the Metropolitan Detention Center. Through the windows of the train, she can see immigrants being held at the detention center, through their cells. Seeing their hands and faces as she goes to and from work remind her of why she fights for immigrants rights and against laws that criminalize the immigrant community. The video was produced by Dreamers Adrift.