Join our campaign to highlight the billions of dollars that undocumented workers pay each year in state and federal taxes. Click the link under Statewide Campaigns and Actions. #HereToStay

No Human Being is Illegal
No Human Being is Illegal

These are not just immigrant rights, they are human rights and workers’ rights. Anyone working in America should be awarded full legal protection.

Family Reunification
Family Reunification

No more families torn apart.
Deported family members must be returned and reunited with loved ones.

ICE out of LA
ICE out of LA

Police and ICE must be separated.
No city, county, or state agency should ever be a part of a federal deportation process.

Sanctuary for All
Sanctuary for All

Millions of immigrants are working and caring for family members.
No more deportations until permanent immigration reform takes place.

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Founded in 2009, DREAM Team Los Angeles (DTLA) aims to create a safe space in which undocumented immigrants from the community and allies empower themselves through activism and life stories. Through these shared experiences, individuals develop as efficient advocates for their own rights and those of the larger immigrant community. DTLA is a grass roots organization that welcomes anyone who is interested in being part of the work, both in L.A. and nationally; we do as part of the immigrants rights movement.

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has been rescinded by the Trump Administration effective Tuesday, September 5, 2017. For more information click on the link below. #HereToStay

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PRESS STATEMENT: Response to President Trump’s “not a Muslim” Travel Ban

ICE Arrested a Father of Four as He Dropped His Kids off at School

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Dia De Los Muertos Music Festival

Celebrate this day of remembrance with DREAM Team Los Angeles and Reverb Iration Sound, Saturday, N...
3 Nov
Dia De Los Muertos Music Festival

Will taking synthroid cause weight loss

Event: Author Talk & Book Signing Diane Guerrero Interviewed by Julissa Arce Date: Sunday, June 2...
22 Jul
Diane Guerrero: Author Talk & Book Signing

2nd Annual Summit of Dream Team LA

Unheard Voices Of the Undocumented Community Empower yourself & your community Where: 3055 Wils...
16 Jun
2nd Annual Summit of Dream Team LA

Dinners for DACA – Disco for DACA

UPDATE: 5/11/18 - Due to low ticket sales this event was cancelled. Please check with us for future ...
11 May
Dinners for DACA – Disco for DACA


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I make them aware of the struggle
18 June,16
At community meetings I always mention my parents, because it was their journey to better their lives.
you have a community, you are not alone
18 May,16
These could be my parents in detention, they are all our parents. I have a message to them, ‘you have a whole community, you are not alone' ...
It should be a right for you to be with loved ones
18 April,16
I celebrate my family who took a risk to come here despite the hardship because they loved us so much and they wanted a better life for us.
I learned there are other powers at work here
18 March,16
No longer will be allow our bodies to be used for profit; profit from our labor, profit from our incarceration. We are much bigger than bein...
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