PRESS STATEMENT: Texas Judge’s Ruling on DACA


July 17, 2021


Texas Judge Ruling on DACA

On July 16, 2021 a Texas federal judge sided with Republicans to suspend the DACA program. The ruling is effective immediately. Those filing DACA renewals may continue to do so. First time DACA applicants will not be approved after July 17, 2021.

The ruling will be appealed on behalf of the Biden Administration and we fully expect the DACA program to be reinstated upon review by the Supreme Court.

The constant attack on DACA by the Republicans shows that permanent protections are needed. Currently there is a pathway to citizenship within the next reconciliation bill and it can pass the senate with a simple majority vote of all Democrats. We must keep up the pressure on Congress.

On a personal note, yesterday we looked at pending first time DACA applicants at our legal assistance program, immigo. We found that some applications were suddenly approved. Most were not. It was very strange to call people and deliver either the best news, or the worst that they were not approved in time. 

One of our applicants shared her story on Telemundo at 11:00pm last night and she speaks for many:

“When I applied for my DACA I was excited. I began looking at college courses and even looking at jobs I would want. And in one day my dreams, my hopes were shattered.”

For very many reasons I want to give you all hope. Not just that DACA will be reinstated but it will be replaced by permanent legislative protections by year’s end. DREAM Team LA was founded in activism and by reading this you are activists who do not wait for things to happen. Call your congressperson, call your two state senators and demand that a pathway to citizenship be included in the next reconciliation bill.

If you have specific questions about your pending DACA applications, first time or renewal, please reach out to our immigration legal assistance program at

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