PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT: President Trump, There Are No Acceptable Deportations!

February 22, 2017

President Trump, There Are No Acceptable Deportations!

“The good news from the president is he is only going to deport criminals. The bad news is, you’re all criminals.” – Chris Newman, Legal Director NDLON

For a decade youth activists have fought the notion there are “acceptable” deportations. From workplace raids under President George W. Bush to President Obama saying he would prioritize ‘felons over families.’ Our response; “felons are family members too!”

“Been seeing a lot of “mass deportation” language in the media. Make clear that we’re not against mass deportations, we’re against deportations. Period. Much like we’re not against “mass incarceration,” we’re against incarceration. Period. None of us are free until all of us are free.” – Maria, Immigration Activist

Greatly expanding who is a “criminal” and thus deportable, Trump treats immigration as an enforcement problem rather than an economic or humanitarian issue. We reject that anyone should be deported in absence of immigration reform. These orders are outrageous. How are community members criminals for having to drive to meet their family’s means? These are people who’s only goal is to give back to the country that they want to be a part of. But it isn’t just the level of deportations.

“The recent ICE raids have shown that the policy of appeasement practiced by the established national Latino advocacy groups, who traded activism for access under the Obama administration, and offered up members of our own community to the deportation machine to try to protect a few have failed. No one is protected under Trump. We must fight every deportation regardless of circumstance.” – Arturo Carmona, Immigrant Rights Advocate

ICE must be confronted directly. What is missing from this administration is immigration reform. We call upon President Trump to pass real, meaningful legislation to address legal immigration, and abandon enforcement-only policies.


DREAM Team Los Angeles seeks to create a space where undocumented immigrant youth become empowered through education and shared experiences, and develop as efficient advocates for their rights and those of the larger immigrant community.