Dream Team L.A. Member on KPFK

Dream Team L.A. member, Mariella Saba, was recently invited to the KPFK studios to discuss and share the work DTLA does in the immigrant rights movement. “Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod,” an early morning show that features daily public affairs, with guest host Hamid Khan, that featured a discussion on the affects Secure Communities has had in communities here in Los Angeles.

Mariellas segment comes in at the 25:40 mark, as she describes some of the first hand effects Scomm has had in families and children in the Pico Union area. During the conversation, Mariella as “how do they make business from our pain?” when the discussion turns to families being separated from each other and  placed in detention centers that see individuals as money, rather than humans. The perceptive discussion continues on for 10 minutes as she also shares the need for self care and healing within any movement, its importance and how she has facilitated these elements in DTLA.