Ale Por Vida – DTLA Fundraiser

Saturday, October 22 · 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Primera Taza Coffee House
3310 S. Central Ave

Save the Date Friends!

Alejandra Leyva is having her debut musical show at Primera Taza Cafe’s new location!

She is offering donations for the show to Dream Team Los Angeles (DTLA) (

Come with an open heart and an open mind. This will be a night to absorb music, connect with the earth, connect with the universe, connect with each other, to reflect and to participate.

“I believe the answers lie within ourselves when we recognize our own humanity and when we recognize the humanity in all living beings. It is important to tune into each other. I offer this space to those willing to connect, grow, and work to create a world where values driven by love and respect as opposed to values driven by profit over people and hate govern our actions and laws.”

________________________Ale Por Vida___________________________

7:00-7:30pm- Doors Open (You are welcome to come to the cafe any time before)

Dream Team L.A. will be tabling and having an info session. Get informed and get involved with the Dream Act Movement & other issues deeply and negatively affecting our world today.

7:30pm – Opening Act

8-9:30pm – Ale + special treats!

9:30-10pm – Tentative Open Mic (bring yo instruments)

Se me largan.