“Intersecting Realities:Visions of Immigrant Narrative,” Art Exhibit

Friday June 17, 2011
Media Contact : Nancy Meza  (424)785-4013

“Intersecting Realities:Visions of Immigrant Narrative,” Art Exhibit

Why: This art show attempts to showcase the multiple and complex identities of undocumented immigrant students. For the past 10 years immigrant youth have organized all over the Nation for the passage of the Federal DREAM Act and for the rights of immigrants. Dreamers have emerged as leaders and have created an organic movement from the ground up. Yet Dreamers also posses multiple identities beyond organizers and activists, they are sisters, brothers, daughters, loved ones, sons, partners, workers and artist.  Through the arts we hope to show the identities of immigrant students, the complete human reality.

What: Over 200 students and community members will be present at the UCLA Downtown  Labor Center  for art exhibit  called “Intersecting Realities: Visions of Immigrant Narrative.’” The art that we will be showing has been critical for the  DREAM Act, immigrant right movements and social  justice movements.  We  will be displaying the  “Dream Visualized,” project was inspired by the life of Cinthya Felix and Tam Tran, two great women Dream Act leaders who passed away last May 2010 and we will be also showing different multi media art.

When:  Saturday June 18, 2011 from  6:15pm-10pm

Where: UCLA Downtown Labor Center
675 South Park View Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Who:  The opening of the art exhibit will show “Dream Visualized” imagines by Pocho1, the work from Im;arte, and Julio Salgado. International photographer Pocho-1 documents political and cultural movements, Im;arte  is a collective of passionate  immigrant  artist  challenging people to re-imagine their voices and stories  in order to create a new immigrant narrative and Julio Salgado is a artist who has provided many of the art work around the Dream Act. We will also be unveiling of DREAM Mural and premiering the latest video from Dreamers Adrift. Poetry by Janet Gonzalez, Jesus Iniguez, Mariella Saba and Erick Huerta. We will end the  night  with a  performance  by  La  Chamba.